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AeroSpace Technology

Published May 26, 2020 by rashid

AeroSpace Tech

With every trip to the space there is always a new exciting technology on its way being developed to be around for the publics. Experiments being done, tested, and used for humanity better living.

These scientific experiments has been around from the beginning of time, and elevated substantially in deferent ages and millenniums. NASA has played a major role in the 21st century in space industry & technology -along with China, Russia, and other role players in Aerospace technology.

SpaceX & NASA are sending 2 astronauts to the ISS (International Space Station) very soon (dated on 27th of May 2020) - read more on for the first time since 2011 NASA Crew missions. This is an exciting news, since spaceX is a private commercial company and they are partnering with NASA sending astronauts to space for the first time.

Space technology is the pinnacle of creativity & innovations when it comes to provide solutions for humans future.

Industries in many types and sectors has benefited from space technologies, Automobile industry -and specifically manufacturers- developed cars integrating space technology through time, innovations such as; Carbon fibre, computer science and many that has been used on automobile industry. 

We should expect new things and discoveries to come along this trip. Wishing for SpaceX & NASA all the best and safe trip of their astronauts to the ISS!

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