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UAE to Mars

Published July 20, 2020 by rashid

Hope Probe -UAE to Mars

The UAE is making history by launching the "Hope Probe" to Mars, an adventure, a science discovery journey, marking it in a time of possibility, and giving hope to all humanity.

Its the first in the Arabs and islamic to launch to the space and specifically "Mars"

Though it's not new to the Arabs and islamic scientists to discover the stars and beyond, Arabs has been the first -look the history (link added)- to spark the curiosity in science and added to human life the comfort of living (by technologies and discoveries).

A journey is taking 7 months and over 450M KM to Mars! and our hearts and faith and believes in the team of MBRSC (Mohammed Bin Rashid Space Centre) and pioneers who are working day and night to making this journey a success!

Proud to be Arab, proud to be Emirati!